Monday, April 14, 2008

New Hen House

I've been meaning to post this pic of the horse stall that hubby converted into a hen house. The only thing left to do is make some bahama-style shutters that can be lowered on cold winter nights. Thankfully, that's a project that can wait for the fall!

Spring Bunnies

Hubby mowed near some high grass and exposed a small nest of baby rabbits. One was so petrified that it didn't run, so hubby scooped it up to show the kids. I hope its mother doesn't mind that it was returned smelling like a people house, but hey, if it was so slow that it allowed hubby to pick it up, then it probably wouldn't have survived the hawks very long anyway.

Strawberries for All

We had a great time gorging ourselves on fresh, local organic strawberries courtesy of a neighboring farm. The baby would holler every time she realized it was time for another! Even the chickens enjoyed their fresh carrot and strawberry tops.