Friday, October 24, 2008

Just in time for Halloween

We are late cutting hay because the hay tractors are all at the John Deere dealership. We also didn't spray this year, so the fields have a lot of tall weeds.

We had our first early-morning fall fog last week, and when the fog began to rise, it left dew all throughout the field. When I returned from morning carpool, there were THOUSANDS of small, shimmering, perfectly formed spider webs gleaming in the field.

I don't know that we will see anything like this next year, because like I said, the field is usually cut short by the time we have these heavy fogs.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tree Cat

One of our barn cats has taken to sleeping in a cavity of one of the Live Oak trees. Perhaps we should have named her "Mr. Macavity" instead.

Winter Garden

After much procrastination, our winter garden is finally planted.

At the end of September, the stock market fell to a record low and hubby came home early from work with several flats. Nothing like a little recession to get you in the planting mood :)

We planted hybrid cauliflower, collards (couldn't find turnip greens,) spinach, carrots (seed,) beets (seed) which mom suggested to start with a little lime in the soil, broccoli, cabbage, and english peas (seed.)

By spring, I hope to start everything from heirloom seed.

By all means, send me any suggestions you may have for our garden!

First sprouts of English Peas:

First signs of the beets:

The garden: