Sunday, September 23, 2007

Which "Bob" the chicken would you rather eat?!

I think I prefer the coconut cake version I made!

Dear Daughter had her 7th birthday, so this was our first time to host a birthday party on the farm. The girls played outside, had a bon-fire with smores, and spent the night. I even made a cake to resemble "Bob" the biggest rooster. I also tied the ribbon on the photo-frame favors, matted with paper left over from the invitations I made.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Farm Fresh Chicken

We finally did the deed. We culled the first half of the roosters yesterday. We managed to dress 14 and clean up in about 3 hours, which we thought was fairly good time considering it was our first attempt. After the first 2, we really got a rhythm going and by the time we finished, we felt like old pros. We now have a freezer full of farm-fresh chicken!

Add 24 Hens, Stir, and Wait...

Today we moved our 8 week old chicks out into the "free range" pen with the older broilers. They immediately took to rolling around in the dirt, obviously enjoying their first dust baths. "Bob" the largest broiler roo seemed a bit peeved, but managed not to peck any of the babies. The other broilers seemed interested at first, and then went back to scratching for bugs. Hopefully they will all make it through the night alive!