Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shooting Myself in the Foot

We plan to install landscaping and plant a buffer of tree seedlings this year. Because of this, we are interested in getting the old well in working order again. We can't tell if it has been "plugged" or not. The head of the well seems to be capped with a metal fitting and an old rusted pipe.
When searching for licensed well drillers (to possibly aid in our efforts to install a new pump,) I actually found our well listed on our local government website! You can find anything online these days!
I emailed the contact person and requested that they check on the status of our well. They informed me that the well is still listed as active. I was so pleased with this discovery until I read the following:

Dear Citizen:
If the well is truly abandoned, you have two choices: 1) You may want to rehabilitate the well and put it back into service, if it is possible. To do this, contact a licensed water well driller to come examine the well. He will probably run a tag line down the well to verify that there are no obstructions in it, then suggest how to go about reinstalling the pump, etc. Or, 2) If you do not want the well any longer, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has statutory authority (R.S. 38:3901–3098.8) over the plugging of abandoned water wells in the state. By statute, you have 30 days in which to plug the abandoned water well. Please contact a licensed driller to have this done properly. Please note that since 1985, all water wells are required to be inspected when drilled and/or plugged; this is done by one of our inspectors at no cost to the homeowner. When the well is properly plugged, the well driller sends us a plugging form (you get a copy) to us and we change the status of your well Use in our data base from DOMESTIC to PLUGGED.

30 days to comply. How nice.


Country Wife said...

Sheesh! I thought that kind of stuff only happened to me.

Are you still planning to rehabilitate the well?

(BTW: you were tagged at my blog. :) )

Kitty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog on the homestead blog site. I think we are pretty close by each other. Yeah, I can't wait for the price of crawfish to go down so we can have a big "boil" LOL.
You mentioned Mom of 10, I think your talking about Gloria, she didn't close her blog per say, but has choosen to stop blogging for a bit. She did say that she may come visit from time to time.
Take care neighbor and I hope your well troubles are over soon.........Kitty